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Information and History on Vintage Jewelry

The Antique & Collectible Exchange has an online guide to vintage jewelry styles and motifs. Visit the website at

Plastic Fantastic has pictures and historical information about celluloid, bakelite and lucite jewelry, plus a glossary and tips for testing pieces to determine what they’re made of. Visit the website at

This following online article describes hairwork jewelry, worn by Victorians to remember their loved ones:

History of jewelry companies old and new, designers, and links so you can learn about your jewelry

Research Information and Jewelry from EcoChic Vintage Team

A to Z Gem Glossary

Wiki History of Costume Jewelry

Silver Hallmarks
Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks

Vintage Jewelry Hallmarks

Gold Gilding Hallmark Information

Patent Search to find the Date of Patents on Jewelry Finding

Illusion Jewels has an extensive gallery of vintage jewelry logos and marks

China Hallmarks

Native American Hallmarks

American Indian Symbols Dictionary

Mexican Hallmarks

Cleaning, Repair, Recycling of Costume Jewelry



How to Recycle Vintage Jewelry