Friday, March 25, 2011

Marketing -To Do List - When Sales Slow Down

What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

1. Check Out Your Views, Hearts, Sales, Analytics

Analyze these and learn from them. Here's a list of questions to ask yourself: 
What items in my shop have the most views, hearts, sales?
What colors in my shop have the most views, hearts, sales?
What patterns in my shop have the most views, hearts, sales?
Is there a relation to a certain type of photo and high views, hearts, sales?
Where are my visitors coming from?
What keywords are they searching to find my shop?
What time of day and week day are they visiting the most on?
How long are they visiting my shop? 
How many pages in my shop to they visit?

Click on this post for how to get this information: Etsy Shop: Sales Stats, Daily Views Comparison, & Where are the Visitors Are Coming From

2. Redo Your Photos

Take this time to reshoot all your photos. Use natural light, plain backgrounds and test out different camera settings.  Or make a light box. All of these ideas a no cost or low cost. Click on the following blog posts for help in improving your photos.Etsy Shop: Sales Stats, Daily Views Comparison, & Where are the Visitors Are Coming From  and After the Right Camera...You Need the Right Lighting and Photos with Personality and The Final Touch: Photo Editing .

3. Tweak Your Descriptions

Have a peek at your convos.  What are your buyers frequently writing to you about? Sizes? Shipping details? Questions about customization?  For every buyer that contacts you there's probably a dozen out there that won't.  So make sure you are answering your buyers questions in your item descriptions and your shop profile and shop policies.  

Take this time to tell your story in your item descriptions and shop profile.  

4.  Double Check Tagging

Go through all your item listings and make sure you are using all 14 tags.  Make sure each listing has a tag that relates to color, size, style, motif or theme, texture and size. For vintage jewelry make sure you have these tags: jewellery (British spelling), team tags for treasuries, eco-friendly, ring size, vintage era (ie. 1950s, Victorian, Modern), solid (for solid gold), genuine (for genuine pearls). You can put as many words as will fit, separated by spaces and they are all searchable individually.
         5.  Start a Blog

Or create a few posts for a friends or Team blog.  Already do this?  Are you twittering?  Try something new and see if you like it.  Check out the twitter tutorial post. Entry Level Twitter

6. Have Fun
What have you wanted to do for a while, but haven't given yourself the go ahead?  Go and DO IT.  A long bike ride, a weekend trip, a new sewing project for yourself.  But wait. That's not it.   Take photos, blog or tweet about this.  Share it with your friends, family, fellow Etsy sellers, etc.  Plan on documenting this little adventure on flickr, twitter and your blog.  This will be a nice break not only for you  but for your readers and friends. 

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