Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Etsy Shop: Sales Stats, Daily Views Comparison, & Where are the Visitors Are Coming From

EASY   If You Just want to Look at Your Etsy Shop Sales and Your Orders (Daily or Monthly)

Click On Your Account->Orders -> Click on Sales Stats

HARDER   If You Want to Check Out Unique Visitors, Page Views, Items Hearts, Shop Hearts on a Daily Comparison
Check out Craftopolis . You need to give access to your etsy shop info and to your google analytics info. Please see next paragraph for setting up Google Analytics.

How to Get Your Google Analytics Set Up for Your Etsy Shop

From Etsy Help

Etsy Web Analytics is a powerful set of web traffic tracking tools and reports, powered by Google Analytics. Etsy Web Analytics allows Etsy sellers to track metrics such as pageviews, site visits, popular content and page referrals. This is a free service available to all Etsy sellers, but it requires a separate account with Google.

Step 1: Getting Set Up
To create a new Google Analytics account, visit http://www.google.com/analytics/
Here are some helpful hints during signup:
  • When asked for your Website's URL enter Etsy's URL (www.etsy.com)
  • When asked for your Account Name enter your Etsy shop website address (shopname.etsy.com)
  • Hit Continue when you arrive at the page titled Analytics: Tracking Instructions
  • Once you arrive on your account overview page, locate the tracking code which appears to the right of your shop website address. It will appear in this format: UA-XXXXXXX-X.

If you already have a Google Analytics account you can instead login, click on Analytics Settings, and then choose Enter New Profile.

Step 2: Enter Web Property ID
Then you can enable this feature by going to Your Account > Options > Web Analytics. Enter your Google Analytics Web Property ID in this format: UA-XXXXXXX-X. Click Save.
You should be all set. To view your Analytics, you must sign in to your Google Analytics account. Since Google Analytics works on a delay, you may not see data in your reports for up to 24 hours.

HARDEST How to Find Out Where Your Views are Coming From ...and other things....on Google Analytics 

This video will get you started witn understand google analytics. It was produced byTim Adams.  Handmadeology .

Alternative Video made by Google
Beginning Analytics: Interpreting and Acting on Your Data (You Tube Video)


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I used etsy weather reports + compete data for etsy to create an infographic on etsy: http://bit.ly/etsy-infographic
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