Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jewelry buyers: do you want a nice box, or will a clear plastic bag do?

Recently on an Etsy Forum someone posted this question:
Jewelry buyers: do you want a nice box, or will a clear plastic bag do?

Right now, I package in little ziploc-style baggies (with a nice thank-you note, etc). My thought is, almost no one keeps jewelry stored in boxes or organza bags (PLEASE tell me if I'm wrong in this), and the plastic bags are waterproof. I also sell wine charms, and I am guessing other people store wine charms in their "catch all" drawer, also, so the bag keeps the charms clean, together, and is see through so people know what is inside right away when looking.

My questions: Are people disappointed not to have a box or pretty bag? Would it make someone question buying from me again or recommending me? Should I get some nice little boxes to send just the jewelry in, or should I put everything in a box (and would it be overkill to put it in a baggie, then in a box)?
The majority view appeared to be plastic bags are fine for cheaper items (organza bags got panned) and above $15 then use standard padded jewelry box with a bubble wrap envelope. I take a different view of packaging, which is still a work in progress for me. Here is what I wrote back:
I love this discussion...because I have been struggling to find the right combination for my jewelry considering the following factors: eco-friendly as possible, economical for the package and not adding too much weight but sturdy for shipping (esp. international), and aesthetically pleasing . I ship all my pieces (no matter the price point) in dye cut pillow boxes made by an etsy artist :

I wrap the jewelry in lamb's wool (I use a lamb's wool quilt fleece purchased for $25 and is lasting forever) and then cover with shipping stretch film wrap (you can buy in shipping supplies $5, lasts forever) is light and waterproof, then I place in pillowbox, and wrap box obi style with any paper ribbon that I have around (buy a spool of curling ribbon at Micheal's and it will last forever).

Another alternative pillow box idea , that I plan to try is to print out my own pillow boxes. You can customize them with you shop logo. Here is a free printable pillow box pattern: . The only problem I see is that they are not cye cut and therefore will be harder to fold.

Then I place in very light weight and cheap Poly Shipping Mailer Bag Envelope 10 x 13". All this packaging cost about 80cent/package. Weighs approx. 3oz per package (depending on the jewelry).


For the Love of Vintage: said...

This is great advice, thank you
I found your blog on our WLV team.

Ron Johnson said...

Most people expect a nice box for more expensive jewelry. A clear bag is normally acceptable for cheaper items. If people are going to spend a lot of money on jewelry, they typically have a higher expectation.
Ron |

Jason Strong said...

I appreciate you sharing this info! I've been looking for a quality jewelry buyer, but I haven't had any success. This helped a ton though, and I fee like I'll be able to find one soon.

Dolores Brown said...

Lots of people buy jewelry online, so that would be a good place to put it for sale. Something like ebay or amazon could work really. As long as you describe it accurately and ship it the way it is in pictures, people will be happy that they bought it from you.

Anonymous said...

I think that if the price of what you buy is high then the packaging should be up to par as well. If you get someone a cheap ring then expect cheap packaging. I am actually looking for a ring. I don't have a lot of money though. I should check out the local pawn shop to see what they have.