Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Create a Grab A Button For Blogs, Teams, Shops, Websites

EcoChic Team--Grab This Button

Click on this to get : Grab My Button Code Generator

You will see an example of the "Grab This Button" for this Blog at the right side column of this page. All you need to use this button generator to create the button.

EcoChic Team--Grab This Button
(1) add URL for the address you want the button to link to and

(2)  then the address for the photo. I loaded my photo into the Picasa Web Album and used the IMBED code to load the picture.My http:// address for the pic did not work in this instance.
Use my posting on Conquering Photo/Text Editing to Make Ads and Banners to make the button with photo and text.

(3)  Then check the preview. Your pic and code should appear in the preview.
(4)  Click to create code. This is the code that you will cut and paste.  

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