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What is a good bounce rate...

First what is a bounce rate?
The formula used to calculate bounce rate is:
Bounce rate = total number of visits viewing only one page / total number of visits

A bounce rate is when someone clicks on your page, and exits right away. In other words, it's the percentage of people that don't explore your shop past the first page that they go to. The lower the bounce rate, the better.

Here is an explanation of how to evaluate your bounce rate that I thought was well stated. From Etsy forums:
SavoyFaire says
Lots of questions lately and may look bad but isn't really or I don't see it that way but let's discuss and look a bit further.
My bounce rate is pretty high and always has been but my length of visits grows all the time. Here is info if you wish:
It says:
Over 50% bad
Over 30% cause for alarm
Over 20% good

Let's think about what this really means however after looking at your GA:
Visitor loyalty
Length of visit

0-10 seconds has always been high for me thus making my bounce rate so high but I think that is great! Those are new to your site or those that click just to glimpse could be anyone. What it means to me is that I am pulling in a lot of new people who are curious enough to click one of my items! If this was low, I'm not pulling in anyone! No one is interested enough to peek. I'd rather high than low right? Could be other sellers checking what I listed or spammers or anybody. Don't count that as negative just not what we should focus on.

What about someone who has a 20% bounce rate? That means no new people are looking! The same people go and stay for long periods of time. Fine if you want all repeat buyers! You are not enticing - your listing are not making people click!

Now back to length of visit: Early on my 61-180 seconds and more were all tiny amounts of course as I was new. Now about 40% is down in the longest periods of time near the bottom AND my sales have really increased per week! That shows people are staying, looking at more of my items and pages AND buying! That is really what we want right? Let the 60%+ windowshop as that's what that is. As long as I see good numbers down in those more lengthy time slots I know I am keeping their attention. I doubt many left my shop up then went to sleep! lol

Also note that my 11-30 seconds and 31-60 are very low now. Used to be much higher. Meant I got them to look, read a bit then they moved on and didn't buy. Those are the levels I would be more concerned with.

I'm looking at this in a positive way instead of gloom and doom or more negative like the articles are stating. I believe (as past data analyst) that we need to look more indepth and consider all data not just 60% is bad!

Really want to know how you're doing?
Keep a log for a while to track. Make the columns of these time amounts across a page then start records week by week or month by month of what % are under each. You'll see a trend and growth in those high amounts of time spent. If not, then you know you need to change the scheme of your photos, use props, models, henchmen, puppets, catchier titles whatever to get people to click then write great descriptions!

size M
Out of cloth

But with a bit more info or descriptive and key words!
More than one photo! Geesh that always disappoints me.

This is how you can spot your shop is dying ahead of time! Thereby you can react.

In any case...
Embrace all this info GA provides!
Food for thought!

Lexi Lewis of starletstyleantiques read this article and had these helpful comments to add:
I always love your blog! So informative! I tried to leave a comment, but my iPad
slowed the typing down (prob because I was getting too long winded lol) .

It's hard to get really low bounce rates in a marketplace like Etsy. Especially
when you are selling vintage jewelry. Very few shoppers just browse through an
entire shop. typically, they are searching for something specifically, so they
find your item in search results or through a treasury, and if you are lucky..
They may click one of the thumbnails for the next or previous items if it
catches their eye. That why it's important to rearrange your shop or list
similar items in succession, so if someone is looking for rhinestone brooches,
the thumbnails will show two more items they would potentially be interested
in... Not say, a lamp and a figurine of a little boy, LOL.

Input from the peanut gallery, for what it's worth!


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