Monday, May 16, 2011

Food for Budget Fashion Thought

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Sustainable Slow Stylish Have you heard of Slow Fashion? You may be familiar with the Slow Food Movement and such things as the 100 Mile Diet and the burgeoning interest in Local Food. Slow Fashion is closely related to those movements and is in direct contrast with the idea of disposable fashion; buying cheap clothing that doesn’t last and puts a huge strain on the environment ,not to mention the cheap labour standards that goes along with it, to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends, to emulate runway and celebrity style, and to continue our out of control consumer spending. And yes, you can argue that in these economic times people are not wanting to spend as much on clothing, but I have to ask, is that part justification for frivolous spending, and that in the long term, buying clothing that is poorly made and in fact designed to fall apart after a season or two is really not as cost effective as spending the little bit more for quality and longevity. Not to mention consignment and thrift stores, and to not fear wearing your clothing more than once. Slow Fashion is all about the process; the designer takes care and skill into creating something that is beautiful and conscientious.
SheFinds, brainchild and baby of former AOL editorial director Michelle Madhok, is always on top of the week's latest sales — especially online deals & discounts. Keep yourself up-to-date on those bargains by subscribing to the SheFinds free daily newsletter. Madhok's site allows for an easy search based on which particular item of clothing you're currently seeking — a huge time saver on top of the savings. For parents: also check out SheFinds' sister site, MomFinds.
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Frugal Fashionista  The original, visual "Look for Less" blog, the Frugal Fashionistas have been serving up daily celebrity style on a shoestring since 2006. Looks are searchable by celebrity — a huge help when trying to track down an item from your favorite tabloid or red carpet look — plus categories for 10 Under $10, Screen Style, Budget Beauty, and Trendspotting. Another perk (or pitfall, depending on your viewpoint): all of the pieces featured on the site are easy to locate for efficient online shopping. (Twitter @thefrugalista)

What I Wore
Jessica Schroeder became a Flickr sensation with her daily "What I Wore" photo posts simply containing — you guessed it — her outfit du jour. The classically trained fashion designer turned fashion blog diva features a high-low mix in each of her outfits, enviably pairing vintage gems with gorgeous handsewn and affordable ready-to-wear pieces. Jessica has previously been nominated as a ModCloth 'Blogger of the Moment' and currently modeled for ads featured in the September issue of popular 'magalog' Lucky. When you subscribe to What I Wore, you'll completely understand all the (much deserved) hype. (Twitter @whatiwore), a national database of almost 10K charity shops searchable by ZIP code, buying her a place on this top frugal fashion list.

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