Thursday, May 5, 2011

Making Etsy Titles & Descriptions More Searchable

From the Etsy Forums...very understandable way to make your title and descriptions more searchable on Google:
BrickHouseFabrics says

What you want is to write a description that is unique to each item. You want the title to be filled w/ keywords... 54-56 characters are pulled from titles. The first 2-3 words are the most important.

You are NOT writing an English sentence with a title. You are writing for search engines. Do not use more capital letters than necessary... Do NOT use the same word twice in a title, some people say to use the, and etc. I say don't ... your choice. While it may make it somewhat more readable for people, the title is really for search engines.

In the first paragraph of the listing reuse the keywords from the title. Use short sentences 12- 16 words max... In the second sentence re-use and expand on the keywords from the first sentence/

Then start a new paragraph and give the item specifics.

You need to do this for your shop announcement as well... the first paragraph of it, and especially the first sentence, are searchable..

journeyer says

Just one thing I'd like to add to BrickHouseFabrics' brilliant post; Search engines can take 3 - 4 months to find you even with proper keywords. To speed this up, have as many external links to your web shop as possible. Facebook Page, Blogs, Other people's blogs and site...pretty much everywhere you can put up a link, do! More clicks, higher the page ranking :)

Remember that the net works off of new... Search engines index things... then move on. If you leave something the same, they do not re-index it... why should they? There is nothing new to index...


Zodiaque said...

Great advice. Thank you for the tips. Will see if it works! :-)

FancyItYours said...

Thank you. I have been trying to find my flowers on google.

Melanie said...

Great tips! Thank you. I keep tweaking and tweaking and I am seeing results.