Monday, September 3, 2012

Direct Check the New Way Etsy Accepts Credit Cards

Here is some info on Direct Check (DC) now being used on Etsy...

I have just started using it but have noticed an surge in sales because of it...

These are my thoughts:
1) I got the direct shipping label print option that is only being given to a few shops...I love it but wish you could print out First Class International USPS labels.
2) Don't like the fact that giving a partial refund (ie if someone buys 10 items from shop you can't refund for one item of that group...just the whole group)
3) Don't like the 3 day hold on the $.
4) May find more problems as I go along because its new and I'm new to it.

Here is a helpful video produced by etsy the discusses DC:

and here is a great article with DC details:
Watch live streaming video from etsy at

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