Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Final Touch: Photo Editing

You have taken the photo of your piece of jewelry that has been well lighted and interestingly proped. Now you want to edit it and upload it to you listing. I have tried all kinds of editing programs....the winner is Piscasa..which is free see download    http://picasa.google.com/   piscasa also including PicNic for adding words to the photos. It is easy to use (but everything does have learning curve).

I used these eHow instructions to get me started:

How to Use Google's Picasa

Google Picasa is a free photo organizing and editing program that you can download from the Internet. With Picasa, you can also share your pictures with other people using various tools. You can fix red eye and adjust the colors in your photos. Read on to learn how to use Picasa.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy


  1. Download the Picasa program from Google. Open up the program and let it search for photos on your computer. It will automatically sort them by date, but you can change their categorization if you want.
  2. Double-click the picture that you want to edit to get to the editing screen. From this screen, you can fix red eye, crop the picture and change color contrast and leveling. If you make a change you don't like, you can click the "Reset" button to undo the changes. In addition, you can click the "Cancel" button to exit without saving any of your changes. You can also right click on your picture and left click on "Undo all Edits" to get rid of the changes you made.
  3. Add some special effects if you like. You will have the option to change the tone of your picture to sepia. In addition, you can sharpen or soften the picture to create a slightly different appearance.
  4. Make a collage, pile, contact sheet or multi exposure with your pictures in Picasa. You can also choose black, white, gray or a picture for the background of these projects. If you create a collage that you like, click the "Create" button to save the changes.
  5. Share your photographs and collages in Picasa. You can email them, post them in your blog and create slideshows.
Later you will need to use this program to make shop banners and ads. It took me forever to find the right Picasa tutorial for this step....

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