Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Choosing an Etsy Team That Will Help Your Sales

Etsy Teams are groups of  sellers with similar needs many  for promotion, some for friendship and most for both. There are many questions of the Etsy forums about the value of teams and how to find one.
HomeCharm says :I'm interested in joining a team but there are so many. I've been to the list of teams an it was a bit over whelming when i saw how many there are. How do you narrow it down to find the best fit?
First do a search to Vintage Jewelry teams .
PearlGem  says There seem to be a lot of teams for each selling category, so how do you choose? Number of members, activities, ease of joining, exclusivity? I don't like jumping through hoops to join, so ease of joining too?
Look at what the team has to offer you. Are they active in treasury making? Do they are an active discussion thread? Do they are a team facebook page? Do they offer coop advertising? Are they open to trying new marketing techniques? Does the team have social network experts that could help questions? Does the team have a team twitter bot.? Do they have coop team sale promotions.? Are they kind to one another and support each other through personal challenges? Do you know any of the members or seen their tweets or blogs? Are they an open group is accepting new members? What are the team requirements and can you meet them? My vintage jewelry friends and I started a team that does all of the above. It's called Ecochic and here is our link. . There are also 52 other vintage jewelry team choices. Also teams send out invites to potential members, think about joining if you get one.

Or there is always the organic path to team finding:
secondarycreation  says :I  belonged to two teams before the forum was reorganized: one for my craft and one for my local area. After the forum changed, I joined one team that seemed as if it could be a general replacement for what I'd been getting in the forum. I didn't plan to go beyond that, but have run across three more that I actually *wanted* to join. I don't remember, but I probably ran across them by reading about them and finding their links in the forum. I haven't gone looking for teams - they just seem to find me.
Or like , LivingVintage,  you can get some friends together and start your own team. Etsy has made starting your own team very easy.
LivingVintage says : Actually, I was thinking of starting a local team.
Whatever you do --don't miss:

We Love Vintage! Do You? Promotion & Chat Team

It's run by MrFilthyRotten (Captain) , waalaa , &  auntsuesoldnewlovely ...Some of the best Vintage Sellers around!

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Love it - I never heard that term or realized I am an organic path type, but that suits me just fine.