Friday, April 1, 2011

Social Network Marketing Mix: Facebook, Twitter, Blog,YouTube, LinkedIn

Recent Etsy Forum Post from a Visual Artist with the Shop name BriennaI believe it translates to Vintage Jewelry Selling...Great Example of a heavily based FREE Social Networking Marketing Mix. This post has been edited.

brienna says
I find the best ways to promote are actually the simplest (and free too).

I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but Facebook is probably my top place for making connections/sales for Etsy: (because people use it for social networking, not just business, you'll find more viewers are interested in checking/commenting/clicking on your work)

Also, link this with Twitter and you're sharing to an even wider audience: (I have them connected so that my Facebook updates go to Twitter and that way if someone prefers one to the other, they're able to get the soundbite of what I posted).                                       Post on "How To" Twitter.

Additionally, blogs are fantastic for those who want a little more - you can give a longer explanation of your process, host competitions, and provide polls. You'll see on mine I recently had a prize give-away to my newest fans!!! I also just started a poll for: How many artists does it take to change a light bulb??? Vote and find out: (I love jokes... humor is an excellent way to relate with the world)

YouTube is fantastic as well and I post videos of my artwork in progress:

I also use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals: 
And through LinkedIn, they provide a SlideShare program that allows you to show Slideshows:

Finally, your own personal website is important (though not free), it is a way to connect and link all of these promotional ventures together so that people who enjoy your work can find them all under one umbrella: Choose a domain name that is easy to remember and easy for google and other search engines to find when people search for you. All you have to do is type my first name "brienna" and my website comes up second only after the site for the meaning of the name, same with typing my last name "pruce."

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