Friday, July 15, 2011

Road Blocks To Etsy Shop Sales

This post was made by HeyMichelle one of my favorite Etsy Admin Peeps. My comments and additions are highlighted. Some of this post has been edited.
HeyMichelle says                   

1.  Perhaps the buyer has questions that are not answered in the listing. Between the photos and the descriptions, the buyer should know everything they need to to make the purchase decision. If you get a convo with a question( Take this information and add it to you listing asap) consider that there may have been more buyers with the question, but they didn't want to ask!
From another post is what customers are looking for..
  1. What color is it? The color on your computer monitor may not be the same as mine.
  2. How big is it? As a buyer I don’t want to guess if that painting will fit over my fireplace or if those earrings are going to hang past my shoulders.
  3. What is it made from? What materials and techniques are used?
  4. How do I care for it? Can I wash and dry that wool sweater?
  5. Who should buy it? or Who should NOT buy it? Is it appropriate for pregnant women? Children? Pets?
  6. What is it used for? Is it decorative? Does it have a function? Both?
  7. What does it feel like? Is that scarf soft to the touch? What’s the texture like? Is that necklace very heavy?
  8. How does it work? Does it slip over my head? Is there a clasp? Do I tie it around my waist?
  9. Why is this one better than the one in the next shop? What special skills, materials, or ideas do you use that make your item the best?
If you find that you're getting views but no sales, post in the Critiques forum ...I recommend the SASSY Team.

2. Shop policies that are blocking the sale: for example, saying that you're not responsible if the item doesn't arrive will turn the buyer away. Include insurance in the shipping price. See Shipping Choices Post for cost effective private insurance.

3. "Convo me before purchasing": do everything so the buyer can just purchase it.
4.  Add more items to the shop. Buyers like selection! (magic 100 number reminder here)
5. Prices are unusually low or high (I rarely see prices that are "too high"- almost not worth mentioning). Very low prices are more common, and may make the buyer question the quality of the item, and whether it's actually handmade. See Hitting the Sweet Spot Pricing Post.

6. Shipping is unusually high:
Calculating Rates
Depending on the shipping service you use, you may need to calculate weights. For example, US First Class Mail uses weights, while Priority Mail rates may depend on the type of box or envelope you send the item in.
So whip out your measuring tape, kitchen or shipping scale.  You can get shipping scale cheap on eBay. Now that you know the weights and dimensions of the packages you offer, you can use your country’s postal service shipping calculator to determine the domestic and international rates for the countries you want to ship to. You may decide to factor in the price of your shipping materials into your shipping cost.
7.  I read a while back that 30% of transactions involved a buyer and seller from different countries. Since buyers can choose to show only sellers who ship to them, having international shipping will increase your exposure. Again See Shipping as Part of Your Marketing Plan.


Melody said...

Helpful thoughts :)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Great post! It's a slow time of year but still a good time to revamp your shop and fill in these great suggestions!

Janet said...

Good post and your tips are helpful too. I think she glossed over the fact that there is no shipping calculator on Etsy though!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great, informative post! I am always working on improving my descriptions and photos. It really makes a difference. Selling internationally is so important. That is quite a chunk of my business! ~Val

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Great suggestions!

Byron Reese said...

Excellent list! It's a comprehensive view on what and what not to do when you're selling online. Also, you should never neglect your PR strategies. You need to know how to attract your target market and what can you do to retain them. And it's important to always keep ahead on trends.

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